Module Description

This module will serve as an introduction to Operating Systems. It provides an overview of the major components of a computer system and their interaction with the systems software. The module provides a fundamental understanding of the concepts of operating systems. Students will also learn how and why operating systems have evolved over years and the impact this has had on modern operating systems. The concepts will be reinforced with practical laboratory exercises in operations systems functionality, user interaction and management. This will be further backed up by a focus on command line interaction with various operating systems. Practical assignments will be given to develop practical operating systems skills. The module will, at a basic level introduce networked, client-server and distributed operating systems to the student. The module will provide the fundamentals for Advanced Operating Systems and the groundwork for other modules in computer science that assume a general understanding of operating systems principals and practice.

Module Aims

The aims of this module are to:

  • Introduce the student to the principals of operating systems design
  • Give the students a working knowledge of a modern operating system
  • Provide the student with a sound knowledge of the various components and interactions of a modern operating system
  • Facilitate a competency in practical interaction with an operating system.