Indicative Content

Financial Statements:Meaning, nature and objectives of financial statements;Types of financial statements; Creating financial statements as per accounting principles; Role of standard setting bodies –IASB, FASB,  SEC; Nature of accounting standards and guidelines - IAS,IFRS;Process of Developing International Accounting Standards (IASs / IFRSs);Scope and application of IASs;Use of IASs by companies;Key accounting concepts.Lawsand Regulations of Accounting in Rwanda.

Preparation of Financial Statements of different categories of business organizations:Sole proprietorship, partnership and corporations of different types; Characteristics of ideal financial statements;Uses and limitations of financial statements.

Analyzing financial information to evaluate organizational performance:Overview of Financial Statement Analysis, Types and Components of Business Analysis;Financial Statements, Analysis Tools, Financial Reporting and Analysis;

Financial Statement Analysis Methods:Comparative Financial Statements, Common Size Financial Statements, Ratio analysis; Cash Flow Analysis,

Cost & Managerial Accounting: Classification of costs, Fixed and Variable costs; Cost statements; Determination of cost of operations.Nature, Meaning and Purpose of managerial accounting; Information needs of Management and Management Accounting:  Using financial accounting, cost accounting and other information for managerial decisions regarding product pricing and profitability

Budgeting and Budgetary Control: Different budgets; Preparation of budgets; Control of financial performance of enterprise using budgets.